It was a beautiful day, with crisp wind that tamed the heat of the sun.  The walk through downtown to get there was delightful, with the shops dressed up for the holidays, but nothing could beat the view from inside the restaurant! Wow!

Sitting on the second story of the well-known and recently renovated 301 Baker building, we had a birds-eye view of the City and beautiful Lake Dora. My eyes were drawn to the faint line of dark, glistening blue that politely met the horizon. That view combined with the deliciousness of my dish had made our day!

Adding to that, we were able to speak with Jonathan McKinney, owner of Wave, before we left. He wanted to make sure we enjoyed our meal—and, of course, we did! We gave him our highest compliments and our conversation took off.

How long has Wave been here?

I opened Wave in April 2017. I felt it was the right time and Mount Dora was the right area. My father’s first restaurant was in Mount Dora and my restaurant is an homage to that, so to speak. I love downtown, the people and clientele are fantastic. I’m happy to be in this building, and it feels like we’ve got this whole new 301 Baker tenant mix that brings a new vibe and life to the area.

The building was recently renovated by G3 Development. How was that process?

It’s been great! They purchased the building this past spring, and they have worked really hard to get the building up to their standards for all of the tenants. When I heard they were the ones who purchased it, we were excited. We’d heard about them because they have a good reputation in the community.

Did you experience any hiccups along the way?

Austin and Jake Guenther, and the Bakers, have been great to work with. They always take care of things and are really quick to address or fix any problems or issues. G3 has been super helpful, especially with the renovations happening. They are very responsive and hands on, and it’s great to have a team that understands the vision. The transition has been very smooth.

 How has the new ownership and renovations affected business?

 We are doing very well! The other tenants, Steamroller and Wallace Fitness, have been great for business. Many of their staff members are regulars. We know them by name and order! Although our space is small, we will keep looking for ways to improve. G3’s renovations gave us internal bathroom access and added storage. We may put out a deck or outdoor seating. We want to make the space as functional as possible, and G3 is very accommodating to that. In the future there could be even further expansion. At this moment, I can say that there is a solid and vibrant business culture growing within this building.

I’m proud to offer a unique food experience in a unique space such as this.


We really couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  😉

How can G3 help you build your dreams? 

G3 is known for helping local businesses build a future. Providing state-of-the-art properties, from leasing to developing, G3 equips business owners with the tools needed to succeed. They make the entire process easy, from start to finish.

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