G3 Development was proud to have been honored at a ceremony at City Hall last Thursday for our recent donation to Mount Dora Friends of the Environment (MDFE). The donation will support the planting of trees and canopy maintenance that is central to the MDFE mission.

We love the mission of MDFE and are thankful for the team of volunteers who do so much to preserve the beauty of Mount Dora. We think that the oaks and the extensive tree canopy are part of the charm of Mount Dora. We want to make sure that is available to future generations to enjoy.

We want to be a part of preserving the character or Mount Dora. It was great to be honored next to Visit Mount Dora, and City Council members Cal Rolfson, Laurie Tillett, and Mayor Nick Girone, who were also honored for their contributions this year.

For more information about Mount Dora Friends of the Environment and their mission, visit https://www.mountdoraenvironment.org.