aerial image over mount dora with graphic overlay highlighting the gaslight district of downtown


More than a parking solution

The City of Mount Dora recently put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for redevelopment of City owned property that included a long-term parking solution and new mixed-use development. Downtown Parking Solution MD, LLC, which is led by Gerry Guenther, submitted a proposal that includes what we envision to be a long-term solution to Mount Dora’s downtown long-time parking woes wrapped in high-value residential and commercial units.


Our vision is to create a new, vibrant, walkable neighborhood that adds new places to live, work, learn, and play. Our goal is to deliver a product that supports Downtown Mount Dora’s culture while meeting the immediate needs of the community. This new neighborhood, now being called the Gaslight District will be located at the corner of Baker, E.  3rd  Ave. and Tremain. This location capitalizes on proximity to historic shops, restaurants, and Lake Dora. It is being designed to serve as a community gathering hub, welcoming residents and visitors to our historic downtown. 

The project will exceed the current parking requirements, adding 50% more parking (a minimum of 753 spaces) to support the many downtown small businesses and residents already in need of more parking. As a result of having designated spaces, traffic within downtown will be calmed. This provides an opportunity for the City to widen some sidewalks and make downtown more walkable.

Additionally, the Gaslight District will feature the only luxury apartment product within Mount Dora. The structure will also feature over 60,000 square feet of commercial, retail and office space – including the new corporate headquarters for Steamroller Studios, the largest animation studio on the East Coast – and two multi-purpose auditoriums totaling 480 seats. Plans are also in place for strategic landscaping, including dozens of live oak trees, which will add green space and minimize the visual impact of the structure.

Our proposal consists of a phased approach to the development:


Includes the 5-story parking structure (2 underground levels and 3 above-ground levels), containing 753 parking spaces.


Includes approximately 85 residential units, 13,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, 17,000 square feet of office space, and 9,000 square feet of additional amenity space.


This is an ambitious project that we foresee having a broad impact on the community, bringing many
tangible benefits to the City of Mount Dora. Here are the main takeaways:

1.  Directly addresses a parking shortage that has been a challenge for over a decade.

2. Regular business within downtown will increase with the addition of approximately 150 professional residents.

3. The City/CRA are likely to see a significant increase in property tax revenues resulting from this nearly $50,000,000 investment in private development.


The inspiration for the architectural direction is currently classic industrial. A mix of historic building
materials like red brick, dark steel, and architectural glass will allow us to create a building that
will blend with Mount Dora’s current historic environment. At the same time, this structure will stand out as an
iconic destination on the corner of Baker, 3rd Ave. and Tremain. The added green space and large trees
will help it blend into the rest of the neighborhood.

This project is currently being considered for approval by the City of Mount Dora. It is our goal to
involve the community in the planning phase of this project. Before any design plans are solidified, we
will hold a series of open town-hall style meetings to gather a wide variety of input and ideas from
residents and community leaders in order to inform the final plans and design.

We are looking forward to creating a long-term solution to Mount Dora’s downtown parking shortage,
while at the same time adding value to the City with new downtown commercial and residential space.

Downtown Parking Solution MD, LLC is an independent LLC led by Gerry Guenther of G3 Development.
DPSMD was established specifically to oversee the development of the Gaslight District in coordination
with a team of highly experienced local construction vendors, architects, and property developers.

We always welcome the community’s feedback on our projects. If you have any questions about the
Gaslight District, please contact Gerry at 352-397-4869.