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G3 Development will turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth.

Our Advising Services

Real Estate development is a capitally-intensive endeavor for any person or company. From our construction of a 40,000 square foot AHCA regulated healthcare facility, to the redevelopment of an 80,000 square foot retail complex, our team has learned to collaborate with you to increase value and improve the efficiency of your project. Over our nearly two decades of experience, we have learned three key components needed when advising real estate projects: Loyalty, Transparency, and Integrity. G3 Development will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to offer insightful recommendations to facilitate and maintain growth in your market.

Client Testimonials

Jonathan McKinney Testimonial

“G3 recently purchased the building where my business is currently located. The transition of business owners has been seamless. G3 really takes concerns from the tenants seriously and understands how it affects the growth of a new, flourishing establishment. We look forward to the various improvements that are to be made over the course of the next few months. We really appreciate the support they’ve shown our business & we’re excited to have this new relationship with them.”

Jonathan McKinney, Owner

Wave Sushi & Asian Bistro

Sine Wallace Testimonial

We own a business, which we built with a lot of expertise, love and passion for improving people’s quality of life at all ages and limitations through fitness and nutrition. Wallace Fitness has been growing rapidly, but not able to respond the demand the way we like to in terms of the physical space. G3 Development stepped in and worked with us diligently to find the perfect space for us… They were very professional, very nice and accommodating to our specific requests… Based on our past experiences, normally in such businesses you don’t really get that much attention and care once the contract is signed and paid. G3 Development delivered our dream Wallace Fitness to us IN 2 MONTHS…. We are grateful and feel fortunate to work with them.”

Sine Wallace, Owner

Wallace Fitness

David Lucas Testimonial

“I have worked with G3 Development on 2 large healthcare related projects. The G3 development team is thorough, organized, efficient and transparent. Throughout the entire process I knew where we were in the timeline of the projects, and what to expect as construction moved forward. The delivered product was exactly where I thought it would be from a cost and completion standpoint. It’s a rare combination in today’s development environment.”

David Lucas, MD

Sports Medicine Institute

Maria Cristina Soto Testimonial

“G3 Development helped us create a design that is truly a visual delight, as well as a pleasure in which to work.”

Maria Cristina Soto, MD

Peds Care

Kehinde A. Layeni Testimonial

“Designing the optimum professional space was our goal. G3 Development delivered on every aspect of our dream. Patients feel comfortable and at ease, our staff enjoys and appreciates their working environment, and our physician has everything he needs and more. The work was done in a timely fashion and G3 Development was very pleasant to work with.”

Kehinde A. Layeni, MD

Central Florida Cardiovascular Center

Carlos F. Chang Testimonial

“G3 Development provided me with a beautiful, efficient and worry free working space. The grounds keeping and maintenance of the facility are unsurpassed.”

Carlos F. Chang, MD

Internal Medicine at Geriatric Medicine

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